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You are here: myPetSmart.com > Breeds > Affenpinscher


Origin: Germany

AKC Group: Toy

Height: 9.5 inches (Male)

Weight: 6.5 pounds (Male)

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Affenpinschers are very intelligent and emotional. Be careful not to spoil your Affenpinscher -- these cute little dogs can be very demanding if you let them. Affenpinschers appreciate frequent exercise and they love to bark.

Affenpinschers are part of the Toy group. In general, Toy breeds are small companion dogs that were originally bred as pets for wealthy, cultured families. Today, toys are the perfect apartment dogs, since they require little, if any, outdoor exercise.

Despite their small size, many Toys are excellent watchdogs. Most get along fine with children, although they'll snap if teased or startled. Some breeds are jealous of other pets.

Longhaired Toys need to be brushed frequently, and some breeds need to be professionally groomed every few months.

Male height: 
9.5 inches
Male weight: 
6.5 pounds
Medium long, harsh and wiry.
Usually black but can be black-and-tan, red, gray, and other colors. Eyes and nose are black.
Special considerations: 
Because of its short face, this breed is susceptible to respiratory difficulties. Avoid hot, stuffy climates.

Affenpinscher-like dogs were bred in Germany and Eastern Europe around 1600 for the purpose of hunting rats and mice.

The Affenpinscher is curious, alert and quick to learn.
At home: 
The Affenpinscher can fit neatly into any living space, including city life.
A couple vigorous walks a day, interactive playtime and a busy social schedule will help keep the Affenpinscher in shape.
Like other terriers, Affenpinschers can have large appetites. Feed a high-quality food.
The Affenpinscher needs patient and persistent training done with enthusiasm and lots of rewards. Working for very short periods and rewarding him with something extra special, like treats or toys, will get the best results. Housetraining can be an issue, so diligence is essential.
Socialization is a critical part of the Affenpinscher.
The average life span of the Affenpinscher is 12 to 14 years. Breed health concerns may include eye problems; heart problems; hernias; hip dysplasia; hypothyroidism; Legg-Calve-Perthes disease; liver shunts; oligodontia; patellar luxation; sebaceous cysts; and von Willebrand disease.
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