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Chow Chow

Origin: China

AKC Group: Non-sporting

Height: 18 - 20 inches (Male)

Weight: 50 - 70 pounds (Male)

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This breed comes in two varieties: the Rough Chow Chow and the Smooth Chow Chow. Chows are introverted and independent. They're extremely protective, one-person dogs. In general, they can be very aggressive with other animals, and will bite if annoyed or startled.

Male height: 
18 - 20 inches
Male weight: 
50 - 70 pounds
Course with a dense undercoat. Rough Chow Chow has a longer coat with a heavy neck ruff. Brush both types of Chows twice a week, daily when shedding. Tail curls over back; ears prick up.
Solid red and solid black are the most common colors. Light shadings on the ruff, tail and legs are allowed. Eye color is dark; nose color varies with coat color. Tongue is blue-black.
Special considerations: 
This breed has been seriously exploited, so you need to be very careful. Poorly bred Chows are often very aggressive with people. Because of this, poorly bred Chows are not recommended for families.
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