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Origin: U.S.A.

AKC Group: Non-sporting

Height: Toy: 10 inches (25 cm) or less; Miniature: 11 inches (Male)

Weight: Toy: less than 12 pounds (5 kg); Miniature: 13 pounds (Male)

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Male height: 
Toy: 10 inches (25 cm) or less; Miniature: 11 inches
Male weight: 
Toy: less than 12 pounds (5 kg); Miniature: 13 pounds
Coat types are tight and curly; medium curl; and flat.
All colors.

The Cockapoo is one of the oldest so-called "designer dogs," the name given to popular hybrid dogs. This hybrid, which crosses the American Cocker Spaniel with a Toy or Miniature Poodle, has been bred since the 1960s. The breed originated in the United States. There are currently three Cockapoo dog clubs in the United States working to standardize this crossbreed and gain official breed recognition from the American Kennel Club (AKC).

Cockapoos have a sweet and patient nature. They are loyal, intelligent and friendly, with a calm and mellow disposition. Cockapoos are very people-oriented and love to clown around with family and friends.
At home: 
The outgoing Cockapoo loves to accompany his family everywhere - whether it's walking from the bedroom to the kitchen or taking a jaunt around the neighborhood. Their low-shedding coat makes it easy to keep them in smaller living quarters, like an apartment. They also produce less dander than some other breeds, which may make them more suitable for people with allergies.
Cockapoos are moderately active dogs who need daily exercise. They are a sturdy breed with lots of stamina, and they love to expend their energy in play.
Cockapoos are usually not picky eaters and may have a tendency to overeat. Feed a high-quality diet and monitor your dog's weight.
Cockapoos tend to inherit the Poodle's intelligence, which makes them easy to train. They want to please their owners, and using praise and rewards will get great results. They are easy to socialize because they tend to love all types of people and other animals.
Cockapoos make good-natured, patient family pets and are good with children, other dogs and other pets.
Cockapoos can live up to 18 years. Health problems may include diabetes; ear infections; patellar luxation; and progressive retinal atrophy (PRA).
Fun fact: 

Cockapoos are also called Cockerpoos or Spoodles.

Grooming blurb: 
The Cockapoo's coat is practically nonshedding. It's best to groom the coat about three times a week using a slicker brush and a metal comb. Their ears are similar to the floppy ears of the Cocker Spaniel and must be kept clean and dry to prevent infections.
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