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Origin: Former Yugoslavia

AKC Group: Non-sporting

Height: 19 - 25 inches (Male)

Weight: 45 - 65 pounds (Male)

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Dalmatians are sometimes so playful they're high-strung. They need vigorous daily exercise or they'll become very destructive. Although most Dalmatians love kids, they're often too big and clumsy for young children. They're sometimes suspicious of strangers and aggressive with other dogs. Males will roam if they're not fenced in.

Former Yugoslavia
Male height: 
19 - 25 inches
Male weight: 
45 - 65 pounds
Short and hard. Dalmatians have to be brushed, because they shed a lot.
Puppies are born white; spots aren't fully developed until puppies are six months old. Eye and nose color vary.
Special considerations: 
Dalmatians really need professional training in order to become family pets. They need low-protein diets to avoid bladder and kidney stones.
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