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Fox Terrier

Origin: Great Britain

AKC Group: Terrier

Height: 14 - 16 inches (Male)

Weight: 15 - 19 pounds (Male)

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Today, the Fox Terrier is still just as much fun as he ever was - full of fire, and always ready to have a go at anything, no matter how much bigger than him. Particularly intelligent and affectionate, he is an impulsive, extroverted and lovable little dynamo. He loves exercise and is always ready for a game. Tenacious and tireless the Fox Terrier is a fast mover with lightning-quick reactions. His activity level means that he is often unsuitable for young children. Clean and well mannered in the house, the Fox Terrier is a very alert dog and ever ready to give the alarm when he feels intrusion of some kind might occur ... he is one of the best possible guard dogs.

Great Britain
Male height: 
14 - 16 inches
Male weight: 
15 - 19 pounds
The Fox Terrier resembles the Smooth-Haired Terrier in all respects except for his coat. The Wire-Haired Fox Terrier has a harsh, broken coat that needs to be tidied up and trimmed regularly if he is not going to look like the kitchen mop!
Mostly white with black and/or brown patches that often form a saddle. Puppies usually have black heads that lighten up to tan with age. Eyes are dark; nose is black.
Special considerations: 
Fox Terriers are prone to deafness.
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