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Origin: England

AKC Group: Hound

Height: 19 - 21 inches (Male)

Weight: 40 - 55 pounds (Male)

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Harriers trail hares in England; they are the English version of the Beagle. They're good-natured, but energetic. They need lots of running exercise. Harriers will become destructive if they're confined too long. They're friendly with strangers, and get along well with children and other pets.

Harriers are hound dogs. Because they're great at sniffing and exploring, hounds were originally used to trail rabbits, foxes and other small mammals. In general, most hounds are good-natured dogs that make loving companions if trained properly.

Hounds are sometimes stubborn, though, so training may take a while. Most hounds need rigorous physical exercise, so daily walks and runs are a must. Never let a hound off a leash unless it's in an enclosed area, because it will take off if it picks up a scent. Hounds are barkers and howlers, and they're sometimes hard to housebreak.

Male height: 
19 - 21 inches
Male weight: 
40 - 55 pounds
Hard and short.
Combination of black, white and tan. More rare is a mottled blue, gray and black. Eyes are brown or hazel. Nose is black.
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