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Origin: Hungary

AKC Group: Working

Height: 25 - 30 inches (Male)

Weight: 85 - 125 pounds (Male)

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Komondors are calm and serious, but they need a great deal of supervision, and lots of space for exercise. They're extremely protective and aggressive with other dogs. Komondors need professional obedience training, and they love to bark.

Komondors are working dogs. In general working dogs pull sleds and carts, guard homes, and serve in the military. Because these dogs are intelligent and capable of learning almost anything, they make excellent companions.

Their very size can make them difficult to control, so they must be trained by a competent professional. Most working dogs are pack dogs, so they're often aggressive with strange dogs and other pets.

Male height: 
25 - 30 inches
Male weight: 
85 - 125 pounds
Wooly outer coat and wiry undercoat make for a unique appearance. Coat forms felt cords, which must be separated occasionally. A puppy's coat falls into cords by the time it's two years old. Tail and ears hang down.
Solid white with gray skin.
Special considerations: 
Although this dog looks like a lovable dust mop, it's strong and independent, which makes it hard to handle.
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