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You are here: myPetSmart.com > Breeds > Lousiana Catahoula Leopard

Lousiana Catahoula Leopard

Height: 22 - 26 inches (Male)

Weight: 50 - 95 pounds (Male)

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The Catahoula Leopard dog is the state dog of Lousiana. Developed in the Catahoula Lakes region of the deep South, this breed is a blend of red wolf and fierce dogs used by the explorer DeSoto to conquer the Indians of that region.

These dogs are so energetic that they must live in the country where there's lots of space to run around. Catahoulas will become hyperactive if confined, and they're often aggressive toward strange dogs. They love to swim.

Male height: 
22 - 26 inches
Male weight: 
50 - 95 pounds
Hard and short. Occasional brushing is all that's needed. Ears may hang down or fold backward. Feet are webbed.
Many colors are available. Blue Leopards or red Leopards are most desirable. Eye color varies.
Special considerations: 
These are strong dogs. A Catahoula from a poor bloodline might be aggressive. Buy only from a reputable breeder.
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