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AKC Group: Non-sporting

Height: 9 - 15 inches (Male)

Weight: 10 -18 pounds (Male)

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Lowchens are often called "little lion dogs." They were companions of Florence nobility around the Mediterranean. These outgoing little dogs are probably related to the Bichon Frise.

Lowchens are tougher than they look -- these energetic little dogs love to run and play. Some Lowchens are afraid of strangers, but they're usually good with well-behaved children and pets. They like to bark and dig.

Male height: 
9 - 15 inches
Male weight: 
10 -18 pounds
Harsh. Grows naturally in a rough lion pattern. Must be brushed or combed at least every other day. Ears hang down. Tail is plumed over its back.
Available in many different colors. Eye and nose color vary.
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