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Origin: Hungary

AKC Group: Herding

Height: 15 - 18 inches (Male)

Weight: About 30 pounds (Male)

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Most Pulis are assertive and agile; some are nervous and high-strung. These dogs are protective with strangers and aggressive with other animals. Pulis are sometimes aggressive with other animals. Because they're quick tempered, Pulis aren't the best companions for children. They love to bark and need lots of exercise.

Pulis are herding dogs. In general, herding dogs were originally bred to control the movement of sheep and cattle. While some breeds still work the farmlands, others are used for search and rescue and narcotics detection.

When kept as pets, these dogs often try to "herd" their owners by nipping at their owners' heels. If properly trained and exercised daily, herders make excellent family companions.

Male height: 
15 - 18 inches
Male weight: 
About 30 pounds
Wiry outer coat mixes with woolly undercoat. Like the Komondor, these hairs mix to form real cords. Occasionally, you have to separate the cords with your fingers. Tail curls over the back; ears hang down.
Usually dull black or rusty black. Solid gray or white Pulis are less common. Skin is usually bluish or gray. Eyes are dark brown; nose is black.
Special considerations: 
Poorly bred Pulis are aggressive. Because of this, some Pulis are difficult to train, it's not recommended for families.
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