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You are here: myPetSmart.com > Breeds > Swedish Vallhund

Swedish Vallhund

Origin: Sweden

AKC Group: Herding

Height: 11.5 inches (Male)

Weight: 20 pounds (Male)

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Vallhunds are bright little dogs that enjoy traveling. They're friendly with strangers, children and other pets, and they like to bark.

Male height: 
11.5 inches
Male weight: 
20 pounds
Coarse with a dense undercoat. Brush once a week. Ears prick up. Tail is a natural bob or docked under four inches.
Various colors are available. Eyes and nose are dark.

For centuries, the Swedish Vallhund has happily served as a hardworking multipurpose farm dog in the west of Sweden. He was adept, not only at cattle droving, but as a watchdog and ratter. His numbers began to dwindle by the 1930s, but a dedicated breeder named Count Bjorn von Rosen was able to rally other fans to work toward preserving this sturdy native son. The breed was officially recognized in Sweden in 1948 and since then has become quite popular there, as well as in Great Britain. In 1964, his name was changed in Sweden to Vastgotaspets, after the province of Vastergotland, where the breed continues to flourish.

The clever and plucky Vallhund is a natural showoff and does not hesitate to vocalize his pure happiness in being alive. He is even-tempered, energetic, fearless and alert. He is also protective of his family and makes a good watchdog. Affectionate and intelligent, this breed is a wonderful companion.
At home: 
The Swedish Vallhund is adaptable to many different living spaces, including apartments, but he is energetic and requires exercise. He's not afraid to use his voice, which may not always please neighbors in close quarters. He is companionable and social and wants to spend time with his owner. A fenced-in yard where he can romp to his heart's content is appreciated. This sturdy dog does well in all types of climates.
The Vallhund is naturally active and should be given a brisk walk at least once a day.
The Vallhund is a hearty eater whose weight should be monitored. A high-quality, age-appropriate diet is best. Feeding twice a day as an adult is recommended.
Extremely responsive, bright, and devoted, the Swedish Vallhund readily takes to training. He is an excellent watchdog; proper socialization in puppyhood will help prevent him from becoming overprotective as an adult.
The Swedish Vallhund gets along well with children of all ages. Keep in mind that his herding background means that he may naturally try to "herd" groups of children. He is also compatible with other dogs, cats and pets.
The average life span of the Swedish Vallhund is 12 to 15 years. Health problems of the breed include cleft palate; eye problems; hip dysplasia; and patellar luxation.
Fun fact: 

"Vallhund" means "forest dog."

Grooming blurb: 
Little maintenance of his hard, tight coat is required; a weekly rubdown with a firm bristle brush will help remove dead hair. He should be bathed only when necessary.
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