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Avian Care

avian care

Avian Care

• One of the most endearing traits about birds is that they bond strongly with their Pet Parents.

• In order to help your bird be well adjusted, you should introduce your bird to as many strangers as possible.

• Once you find your bird’s favorite foods, strangers should be the primary treat givers so that birds come to expect good things from strangers.

• Basic commands like “step up” and “step down” should be practiced with strangers and rewarded with a small treat.

• Whether you need a pet sitter to look after your bird as you travel or extended care for your bird, socialization is key.

Wellness Exams
• Our pet birds require the same standard of care as our dog and cat family members do, they need to visit the veterinarian annually for well pet-checkups.

• Annual blood work, fecal exams and physical exams are all clinical tools used to determine your pet’s health status.

• The most common avian vaccine is a polyoma virus vaccine, administered to parrots before they come into the store.