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You are here: myPetSmart.com > Care Guides > African Cichlids Shopping List

African Cichlids

Experience Level: Advanced

African Cichlids in tank

Shopping List

Step 1: Choosing an Aquarium
Appropriately sized aquarium for the selected species and number of fish

Aquarium stand

Aquarium hood with light fixture and bulbs

• Automatic timer, if desired

Step 2: Filtration and Heating
Filtration system

Aquarium heater and thermometer

Aquarium beneficial bacteria starter

Step 3: Substrate and Decor
Aquarium gravel

Decorations (driftwood/rock/ornament)

Live plants and/or artificial plants

Air-powered ornaments, if desired

Nutrition and Maintenance
Flake food/pelleted food

Frozen or freeze-dried supplements

Algae discs or spirulina for herbivorous Cichlids

• Mineral supplements for African Cichlids

Algae cleaning pad or scraper

Fish net

Water test kit/strips

Gravel vacuum

• Water conditioner/dechlorinator