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Hermit Crab

Experience Level: Beginner

Nutrition and Maintenance

• Small crabs’ claws are not big enough to grab on to pellet-type food. For small crabs, feed them one teaspoon of prepared food in powdered form or crush the pellets into powder.

• Supplement their diet with fruits and vegetables, such as chopped apples, grapes, bananas and dark green leafy veggies like kale and broccoli.

• Hermit Crabs take small bites and eat very slowly, usually at night. Place fresh foods in their tank at night, but be sure to remove them in the morning to prevent spoiling.

• Since Land Hermit Crabs are extremely sensitive to metal, be sure your food and water bowls are a non-metallic, non-porous container.
• Always add a dechlorinator or water conditioner to tap water before adding it to the water dish.

Maintenance Schedule

Add pelleted Hermit Crab food; provide fresh
food in the evening.

Remove uneaten fresh food the following

Change water in the water dish.

Check that the temperature and humidity are
at the appropriate levels; mist habitat with
water from spray bottle, if necessary.


Remove any waste from the bedding.

Clean glass (if necessary).


Rinse gravel or replace bark bedding.

Clean decor and inside of habitat (if necessary).

Always wash your hands before and after handling pets, touching anything in the habitat, or after cleaning the habitat. Adults should assist young children with hand washing and monitor children around pets. Do not clean habitats or equipment in the kitchen sink or near food preparation areas.

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