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Hermit Crab

Experience Level: Beginner

Hermit Crabs

Shopping List

Step 1: Choosing an Aquarium
    •    A glass or acrylic aquarium or terrarium

    •    Aquarium stand, if necessary

    •    Aquarium hood with light fixture and bulbs or screen terrarium lid

    •    Automatic timer, if desired

Step 2: Filtration and Heating
    •    Reptile tank thermometer

    •    Reptile tank hygrometer

    •    Under-tank heater, if necessary

    •    Clean spray bottle for water

Step 3: Substrate and Decor

    •    Aquarium gravel or reptile bedding

    •    Decorations (driftwood/rock/ornament)

    •    Artificial plants for climbing

    •    Shelter for sleeping

Nutrition and Maintenance

    •    Food bowl

    •    Prepared Hermit Crab food (pelleted or powdered)

    •    Fresh fruits and veggies

    •    Shallow water bowl

    •    Sea sponge to put in water bowl

    •    Water conditioner/dechlorinator

    •    Extra shells to allow for growth