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You are here: myPetSmart.com > Care Guides > Checkered Garter Snake Shopping List

Checkered Garter Snake

Experience Level: Beginner

Shopping List

Step 1: Choosing a Terrarium

• 20-gallon (20-30" long) or larger terrarium

• Locking screen lid, if not included with habitat

Step 2: Decor

• Reptile bark or aspen substrate

• Artificial/natural rock or wood hiding spot and basking site

• Branches/plants for climbing and hiding

• Water dish

Care Heating and Lighting

• Reptile habitat thermometers (2)

• Reptile habitat hygrometer (humidity gauge)

• Basking bulb and fixture

• Daytime UVA/UVB bulb and fixture

• Lamp stand for UV and heat bulbs, if desired

• Timer for light and heat bulbs, if desired

• Under tank heater, ceramic heat emitter and fixture, or nighttime bulb, if necessary

• Spray bottle for misting or an automatic fogger or mister, if desired


• Earthworms or nightcrawlers

• Rosy Red Minnows

• Small container for minnows

• Calcium supplement

• Vitamin supplement, if desired