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Reptile Habitat Setup Guide

reptile habitat guide

Habitat Guide

Anole Tropical/Arboreal
Bearded Dragon Desert
Chinese Water Dragon Desert
Collard Lizard Desert
Curly-Tailed Lizard Temperate
Frilled Dragon Tropical/Arboreal
Longtail Lizard Tropical/Arboreal
Mali Uromastyx Desert
Skins Temperate
Crocodile Gecko Temperate/Arboreal
Eyelash Crested Gecko Tropical/Arboreal
Gargoyle Gecko Tropical/Arboreal
Golden Gecko Tropical/Arboreal
White Line Gecko Tropical/Arboreal
Leopard Gecko Desert
Panther Gecko Temperate
Treefrogs Tropical
Pacman Frog Tropical
Pixie Frog Semi-Aquatic
Chubby Frog Tropical
Tomato Frog Tropical
All snakes Temperate
Greek & Russian Tortoises Temperate
Red Foot Tortoise Tropical


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