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You are here: myPetSmart.com > Care Guides > Sand Boas & Rosy Boas Nutrition and Maintenance

Sand Boas & Rosy Boas

Experience Level: Intermediate

Sand and Rosy Boa in terrarium

Nutrition and Maintenance

Dietary Requirements
• These snakes are carnivores, meaning their diet consists of meat, more specifically rodents.

• All snakes purchased at PetSmart are raised on frozen, thawed rodents.

• Snakes should be offered food weekly.


• Snakes are creatures of habit and will often associate opening of the habitat with feeding, especially if there is not frequent interaction other than feeding. Snakes may move quickly in anticipation of feeding.

• All PetSmart snakes are raised on frozen, thawed mice and rats. Frozen meals should be warmed according to package directions.

• All snakes should be fed with tongs and may benefit from gentle dangling of the mouse or rat by the tail to mimic movement.

• It is not uncommon for a snake to skip a feeding especially if shedding or if there has been a change to the habitat temperatures. If more than two meals are missed, consult your veterinarian or a PetSmart store associate for advice.


• Boas will drink from and sometimes soak in a water bowl.

• Misting your snake will also help maintain necessary humidity levels for proper shedding.

• It is imperative water bowls be emptied and refilled daily.


Other Reminders
Use caution when handling pets and remember that all pets may bite especially when stressed. Ensure complete body support is provided when picking up your snake. Supervise children around pets.

Pets may transmit disease to humans; be sure to wash your hands before and after handling your pet or cleaning his home.