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You are here: myPetSmart.com > Care Guides > Tree Frog Nutrition and Maintenance

Tree Frog

Experience Level: Beginner

Tree frog resting on a branch

Nutrition and Maintenance

• Tree Frogs are insectivores, meaning their diet consists primarily of insects.

• They require calcium supplementation and may benefit from a reptile multivitamin as part of their diet.

• Tree Frogs are best fed at night.

Dietary options
  Examples Feeding Frequency
Insects* Crickets**,
silkworms, and

Once Daily.

Feed only enough that
can be consumed in an
overnight feeding.

*Insects should be dusted with a calcium supplement twice
weekly and a multivitamin once weekly.

**Crickets should be fed a gut-loaded diet (commerciallyavailable nutrient-dense diet) prior to being fed to your frog
to ensure they have the proper nutrients for a healthy diet.

• Tree Frogs absorb water through their skin and must be provided with a shallow dish large enough for soaking.

• Water bowls should be emptied and refilled daily.

• Tree Frog habitats should also be misted twice daily to maintain humidity levels and provide drinking water.

• Add a water dechlorinator to water provided in the bowl as well as water misted in the habitat.

• Water bowls should be emptied and refilled daily.