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White-Line & Golden Gecko

Experience Level: Intermediate

White-line and golden gecko in terrarium

Shopping List

Step 1: Choosing a Terrarium
20-gallon (20-24" tall) or larger terrarium
Screen lid, if not included with habitat

Step 2: Heating and Lighting
Reptile habitat thermometers (2)
Reptile habitat hygrometer
Heat bulb and fixture
Daytime fluorescent bulb/fixture, if necessary
Lamp stand, if desired
• Ceramic heat emitter/fixture or nighttime bulb, if necessary
Timer for light and heat bulbs, if desired

Step 3: Substrate and Decor
Coconut fiber or bark
Artificial/natural rock or wood hiding area
Branches/plants for climbing and basking
Food and water dishes

Dietary Needs
Crickets, mealworms or waxworms
Cricket food and cricket water gel
Cricket keeper
• Pureed fruit baby food or prepared fruit diet
Calcium supplementation
Reptile multivitamin
Spray bottle for misting