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10 reasons why Westies won't use a computer...

June 4, 2007 -


Top 10 reasons why Westies won't use a computer

10. T0o0p hqa5rxd 6tt0[o 6ty[p3e 2w9igthjh ;pa3wds (Too hard to type with paws)

9. "Sit" and "stay" were hard enough; "delete" and "save" are out of the question.

8. Saliva-coated floppy disks refuse to work.

7. Three words: Carpal Paw Syndrome.

6. Involuntary tail wagging is dead giveaway he's browsing

5. Fire hydrant icon simply frustrating.

4. Can't help attacking the screen when he hears, "you've got mail."

3. Too messy to mark every web site he visits.

2. Fetch command not available on all platforms.

1. Can't stick head out of Windows 95.

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