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new puppy

February 22, 2011 -

Getting a new puppy in 2 weeks! Picking up a boxer-boy from my daughter. He is offspring of my grand-dogs, Zeus and Kadance! She sent pics of her remaing two pups and I fell in love with his sad eyes and huge paws.
Haven't had a pup from a home breeder since I was a kid. We have had three pound pups since having kids, so this will be a switch.
My daughter, Billie, says he's a bit on the mischievous side so just hoping Mochi can rein him in. He is use to his young parents and sibling, so having a senior housemate will be another change for him.
I hope all goes well!

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05 Mar 2011 7:06 pm

kitty love said:

yeah! i want a puppy soooo much im glad u got one!

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