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Introduction :)

March 16, 2011 -


The name HAKU (Japanese): pure, white, snow

I am new to this site...and never before have I been so excited to be part of an animal online community (next to being a Humane Society volunteer).

Haku is not yet with me because he is only 2.5 weeks old as of today (03/16/2011) but he will be with me around the end of April or early May. (Tentative date of April 18-22) HOPEFULLY!

I have almost all the necessities for a puppy set up in my apartment. I bought a medium sized crate/kennel, bedding, food bowls, collar, and a safety gate - to separate kitchen from living room because he will be staying in the kitchen because of the non-carpeted floor :). I still need to buy a leash but I will wait on that...but I am VERY excited to start getting toys for my little boy!

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