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10 Dogs in Need of Grooming

October 5, 2011 -

Keeping your dog well groomed is vitally important to maintaining his hygiene. Depending on your dog’s breed and coat type, certain dogs will require more grooming maintenance than others. Future Pet Parents may want to take these needs into consideration when considering a particular breed or mix of breeds for their next dog. Here is the list of the 10 dogs in need of the most grooming.

Airedale Terrier

Airedale Terriers are moderate shedders and need their fur to be routinely stripped, rather than cutting or shaving, in order to display their soft undercoats. Thick and wiry, their coats can become easily tangled and matted when wet, making Airedale’s better suited for brushing before bathing. Dematting rakes and pin brushes are the recommended grooming tools.


Excessive shedders with coarse coats, Newfoundlands should be brushed biweekly to eliminate any loose hair. Long hair between the paws makes trimming essential to prevent bacterial infections and matting. Unless necessary, these dogs should not be bathed regularly. Constant washing can strip their coat of its natural oils.

Afghan Hound

This longhaired hound has a silky overcoat and a thick undercoat. To properly brush an Afghan, both coat types need to be attended to separately to decrease the chance of matting. Grooming is critical during the Afghan breed’s transition to adulthood. Removing the puppy coat can be a lengthy process, but if left attended the coat can become easily tangled. This breed needs to have a blow dry after a bath.

Miniature Schnauzer

Much like the Airedale, Miniature Shnauzers have a wiry topcoat that needs routine brushing. Slicker brushes are best choice for this breed because they can penetrate the soft undercoat. Due to their specific look, Schnauzers should be trimmed and clipped every few weeks by a professional groomer to preserve their appearance.

Bichon Frise

The curly coated Bichon Frise needs regular trimming to maintain its fast-growing top coat. A breed that never sheds, Bichons are prone to matting and should be brushed on a daily basis. Trimming shears and dematting rakes are best grooming tools for this breed.

Old English Sheepdog 

Old English Sheepdogs have a shaggy coarse coat that sheds during the winter and fall months. You should be prepared for tri-weekly brushing to prevent tangling and regular trimming to prevent matting around the rear end and limited vision due to overgrown hair.


Having both a thick overcoat and undercoat, the Pekingese is often a difficult breed to groom. Slicker brushes work best at detangling the coarse hair often found near the hindquarters. This breed should also have the outer area of its eyes cleaned regularly to prevent excessive crust buildup.

Shih Tzu

Although Shih Tzus do not shed, their long coats do need routine trimming to keep their neat, clean look and debris-free fur. These breeds can experience tear staining due to their large eyes and will require constant trimming around the face to prevent recurring stains. Weekly brushings of the armpits, thighs and behind the face are key in avoiding matting.

Portuguese Water Dog

Both the wavy coated and curly coated Portuguese Water Dogs are typically cut into a lion or retriever type clip, making routine grooming a necessity. To maintain the cut, this breed should be brought to the groomer for a month trimming and should be brushed frequently in between visits.

Bearded Collie

The Bearded Collie’s coat resembles that of the Old English Sheepdog’s shaggy coat, which needs regular brushing to keep the long hair from tangling. During the spring and fall shedding seasons, a shedding blade is recommended to remove excessive hair from the undercoat.

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