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Cost of rabbit grooming?

February 10, 2011 -


Can anyone tell me how much may grooming be for my pet rabbit Amani? She seems very sick lately and I just don't know how to groom her or take care of her nails. I can't get a hold of her.

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18 Feb 2011 5:27 pm

riley12ash said:

I show rabbits and know much about the care of them so here is my information about the grooming of a rabbit. Rabbits really don't need to be groomed they naturaly clean themselves but if they do get dirty don't give them a bath the water will destroy there coat use a baby wipe you should only give a bath if it is a emergency. And for the nails you really should never trim them if you dont know what you are doing you should take them to the vet,groomers,or rabbit breeder.

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