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You are here: myPetSmart.com > Community > Blogs > Associates In The Spotlight Eagle Eyed Associates Recover Pilfered Parrot

Associates in the Spotlight: Eagle-eyed Associates Recover Pilfered Parrot

July 19, 2010 -


Thanks to the keen eyes and quick wit of a PetSmart associate, Sid the parrot, who had been plucked from his home by cat burglars, is home safe.


The 14 –year-old Senegal parrot was apparently stolen from his home in Natick, MA on June 21. Sid’s Pet Parents posted missing fliers around town in the hopes that someone would spot their beloved bird. As luck would have it, a Millbury PetSmart associate noticed one of the fliers.


Almost a month after Sid was reported missing a man approached the associate during her shift and attempted to sell her a bird. While PetSmart does sell birds, we only purchase birds from our reputable live pet partners.


The PetSmart associate recognized Sid from the missing bird fliers and immediately notified her store manager. Sid was taken to the manager’s office where he was  safely nestled and the police were notified. Shortly after, Sid was reunited with his family.


The incident is still under investigation, but thanks to this associate wingman, Sid the parrot is once again a free bird.  If you have any information about this case, please contact the Natick police department.



*Associates in the Spotlight recognizes PetSmart associates who help Pet Parents identify and solve needs to ensure that all pet families have healthy, happy lives. Have a story, e-mail us at petcommunity@ssg.petsmart.com


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