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Cleansing from Toxins

August 27, 2010 -

I read many blogs about Frontline and poisoning in dogs. Hope you will educate yourself regarding the virtues of Bentonite Clay....not only for your pet regarding the ingestion of toxins....but for yourself. We breathe in toxins in the polluted air we breathe....we eat the poisons in the food the corporations grow for profit.....Bentonite Clay is one way to rid the body of poisons....activated charcoal as well. It also works for parasites.

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30 Aug 2010 1:57 am

JimmyB said:

I read the same thing on website that does scientific research concerning dog health if I still have the bookmark I will share it. I have been reading as much as I can looking for natural ways to raise our new pups. Apparently parasites can severely stress a dogs organ systems

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