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The New Puppy

December 11, 2010 -


When I get the new puppy I am going to do a weekly update of the journey. Today I will just tell you some of his past. He is one of 21 puppies that were born to 2 GSPs that were going to be put down a week before they had their puppies becuse they thought they had heart worms. The rescue heard about this and went and rescued the 2 mothers before this could happen. They were taken to Colorado and had their puppies on the 20th of Oct. All the puppies were perfectly healthy and after further tests they beleive the mothers might not even have heart worms.And in one week we will be getting our little guy, his name is Thing Two right now but we have decided to call him Boone. That is all for right now. I will write more in two weeks after we have had him for a whole week.

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