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July 10, 2010 -


Well this story began in February of this year. One day my mom and her husband were coming home when a dog followed them in. She looked bad so my mom decided to care for her that one night and then take her to a shelter. She bathed her fed her and the dog whom they named Muneca thanked my mom by getting a flower from the neighbors house and since then she has been part of the family. Well a month after my mom shaved her and noticed she was fat, I told her she was pregnant but her husband said she was just fat because she was eating now. Well on April 25th she gave birth to 6 puppies. Unfortunately one passed away. Julio and I were out celebrating his birthday when my mom called me. The following day I went to her house and saw that everything was ok, so we just let muneca be with her puppies. She fed them and cleaned them. We brought her food and sheets to keep them all warm. Well my mom decided she would sell the puppies after they stopped breast feeding. She sold them all but my boyfriend got attached to Frankie who is the smallest puppie of the bunch. he talked to his dad and he got it. Now since he's working so am i, we decided to go to petco and get some stuff. We spent over $200 on Frankie. Of course we all want whats best for them and so we bought everything he might need. We learned on how to care for him and what to do. Its been a week since we took him and we really care for him. We've taken him with us to the park, beach and many other places.
We have had some sleeping problems, he wants to sleep with us and its hard to say no when he cries. But we are still looking forward to the journeys to come

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