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Gutter Party

July 13, 2010 -

So it all started when I first technically fostered this litter of four kittens and the momma in late March. We had just gotten these kittens to take care of, raising them until they were old enough to give away. So one day when I got home, I went to check on the kittens and the momma in my room, and NONE of the kittens were there, just the momma. The kittens couldn't even climb, they were so tiny there was no way they got out without the momma actually taking them out herself, and also the door was closed. What I thought was that they got kidnapped somehow! We practically almost tore the house apart looking for them, EVERY spot they could be, even in the vents! We asked this one lady next door and she said she saw a white van come and leave so we were FREAKING OUT!! I was then thinking the kidnappers put them in a bag and were going to ship them to some kitty meat place. I did every thing someone would do looking for their lost animals before contacting the police. A couple of hours later, my aunt behind me said she heard kittens meowing somewhere by the back roof. So we checked the roof and in the gutter WHERE THE SQUIRRELS ARE were four little tiny baby kittens meowing trying to get out. When we got them all, they were as hungry as could be so we put them and the momma in the bathroom for privacy. Thank God we got there in time before the squirrels did something to them!

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13 Jul 2010 7:21 pm

hollyberry said:

One of my most heart-stopping scary days ever.

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