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Hi, I'm Tui

May 17, 2007 -


My full name is Whetu (Weh-To), but people call me Tui (Too-e) for short. I live with my foster Mom Sharon in Phoenix, where I will live until next May or Aug (2008). My foster Mom is teaching me how to be a good puppy and how to behave in public places and lots of new things I will need to know when I become a Service Dog.

Today, I tried on my dog booties for the first time. They didn't feel normal and my Mom and her friends laughed at me when I tried to walk around. Anyway, Mom says I need to get use to them so I can walk around Phoenix in the summer time without burning my pads.
I go everywhere with my Mom, including places that normally don't allow dogs. I feel very lucky and I have a lot of fun hanging out with my human friends.

Talk to you later,

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