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It's a dog's life?

May 28, 2007 -


Well, I was born on March 17, 2007, in Brodhead KY, and two months later I was driven home to Cleveland OH by a very sweet, caring and gulliable mama named Lisala.
I was too sick to eat, stand, bark or whimper when we met. Lisala spent the first couple of days putting me in daipers and nursing me back to health with pedialyte adn honey, and occasionally, yogurt.
A trip to the vet found that I had a near-death white blood cell count, and I ended up in the hosiptal overnight with IVs for meds and nutrtition. I'm now on my way to good health, but my sucker of an owner is being led by me. I hope you can help us out.

More later,

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