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You are here: myPetSmart.com > Community > Blogs > Jcardello > Be Informed What To Look For In A Grooming Salon

Be Informed: What to Look for in a Grooming Salon

September 14, 2011 -

Grooming plays an important role in keeping your pet clean and healthy. We know it can be challenging to maintain you dog’s groom on your own, so how do you choose the best grooming salon for your pet? Here’s a guide to the ins and outs of finding a grooming salon.

Step 1 – Ask For Referrals

When searching for a suitable grooming salon, referrals are key. Consult with fellow Pet Parents; they may be able to recommend salons based on experience. You can also check with the National Dog Groomers Association for information on certified groomers.

Step 2 – Take a Tour

Once you’ve nailed down a few perspective salons, set up a to get a firsthand look at the operation. Check for proper lighting as well as the cleanliness of the floors and grooming tables. Ask to speak to the salon manager for information on licensing and health policies. Some states require salons to be licensed and enforce strict guidelines on rabies vaccinations for all dogs. Asking about the equipment and tools used is a great way to learn more about the groomers’ expertise and style.

Step 3 – Have Patience

Spending time observing groomer’s interactions with other dogs is imperative. You want to make sure your pet is handled with the best care possible. Also, ask what the salon’s protocol is for handling aggressive and fearful dogs. Some salons may not accept hostile dogs and may suggest they undergo training before they considering taking them on as a client.

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