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Best Breeds for Allergies

November 7, 2011 -

For allergy sufferers, choosing the perfect canine companion is a difficult task. Natural allergens —pollen and dust — and dander produced by high-shedding dog breeds are the most common triggers for allergies in humans, making hypoallergenic dogs a popular choice for a large group of Pet Parents.

No single breed affects human allergies the same, making it impossible to determine with certainty which dog type will be 100 percent hypoallergenic for a specific Pet Parent. There are, however, a number of breeds that are less likely to cause allergy problems than others.
American Hairless Terrier
With no body hair whatsoever the American Hairless Terrier produces little to no dander and shedding is minimal. This breed is a relative to the Rat Terrier and requires minimal grooming. Skins cells shed every 20 days, which is a low rate a of dander production.
Bichon Frise
The curly haired Bichon Frise has a continuously growing double coat that never sheds. The reduced production of dander due to the lack of shedding makes it an acceptable choice for allergy sufferers. To maintain the breed’s long outercoat these dogs will need regular grooming, which will also decrease the risk of outside allergens being brought into the home.
Irish Water Spaniel
The energetic Irish Water Spaniel is a sporting dog with a long, curly coat. Routine trimming will eliminate tangles on this low-shed dog, which naturally generates minimal dander. The Irish Water Spaniel is perfect for those Pet Parents with allergies in search of a large breed dog.
These highly intelligent dogs have become the common choice for allergy-prone Pet Parents throughout the years. Although their coat is in need of regular trimming and grooming to keep it in the best shape possible, Poodles produces little to no dander and vary in size from toy to standard. Poodles have also become a popular among high-allergy Pet Parents interested in mix-breeds.  
The thick-coated Schnauzer will need routine brushing and grooming, but will shed very little. The wiry outercoat requires frequent cutting to keep the hair manageable and mat-free.
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