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Best Grooming Products to Splurge On

November 8, 2011 -

Being a good Pet Parent comes with great responsibility. Maintaining your pet’s health should be a priority; routine grooming is a large component of pet health. Professional grooming is the way to go for many breed types, but even for those in need of regular grooming, at-home cleanings are necessary for touch-up maintenance in between scheduled salon visits. Keep your eye out for the right do-it-yourself tools at the right prices so you can keep your pet looking his best for a little less.
A quality dog grooming brush can make all the difference for Pet Parents with high-shed dogs. You shouldn’t just be pulling out an old kid brush from the back of a bathroom drawer for your pet. When searching for the right tool look for pet brushes specially designed for long and shorthaired dogs. For example, a short-bristled brush — unable to penetrate the undercoat of a longhaired dog — only removes hair on the surface, while a long-bristled brush used on a shorthaired dog can scratch and damage the skin. Recommended by veterinarians, FURminator deshedding tools are proven to reduce shedding up to 90 percent. They are available in dog and cat varieties and are divided by pet size and hair length.
Longhaired breeds, such as Lhasa Apsos and Pomeranians, require regular trimming as a part of the grooming process. If left unkempt, the hair can become easily tangled and matted, causing irritation to the skin. Purchasing a set of high-quality clippers can help make maintaining your pet’s fur a little more manageable. Look specifically for clippers with detachable blades and strong motors to reduce the risk of overheating. Andis brand clippers offer a variety of safeguards for both longhaired and shorthaired breeds and Oster clippers double as a nail trimmer. 
Dematting Tools
For longhaired breeds, matting can happen easily and become unmanageable without regular grooming. Dematting tools are essential in these cases and can aid in keeping your pet’s hair tangle free. Equipped with a curved blade, these tools are designed to untangle hard-to-reach mats behind the ears, in between the legs and under the collar.
At-home dryers are useful for Pet Parents with thick-coat dogs, such as Siberian Huskys, Chow Chows and Golden Retrievers. With a high-powered electric dryer, you can shorten the drying process to simplify the grooming process for you and your dog and keep your house wet-dog-scent-free. Metro Air Force Dryers work for large dogs, while the Andis QuietAire Dryer is suitable for smaller breeds.
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