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Bows, Bandanas, Barrettes – Grooming Accessories to Brighten Their Look

August 25, 2011 -

After a professional groom your dog’s coat feels softer, looks smoother and smells cleaner, but grooming is not always just about getting cleaned and trimmed. PetSmart professional groomers also know how to take your dog’s look to the next level by giving him that extra special pop of color and flair. 

So what should you ask for when dropping your dog off for his groom?

Groomers can make bows, large and small, for your pets out of spools of ribbon and attach them to your pet’s fur with tiny rubber bands. From solid colors to fun patterns, bows can offer a special look for your dog, and, depending on the time of year, can make your dog a larger part of the festivities with seasonally themed bows. You’ll also see options like silky, shiny bows, bows with glitter and bows with tulle. Your groomer will typically position one bow centered in between your dog’s ears or two bows one in front of each ear. You’ll usually see this type of styling in your small-breed dogs or dogs with longer fur.

Although any size dog can wear a bandana and wear it well, this type of grooming accessory is traditionally seen on the larger breed dogs; they are a great option for all dogs with shorter hair. It’s best to ask for a cotton or cotton-blend bandana for your dog as opposed to a polyester material. Coming in a large array of patterns and colors, bandanas can lend themselves to a wide spectrum of stylistic choices for your pet.

Barrettes & Clips
Similar to bows, clips are formed out a ribbon but are attached using a clip instead of a rubber band. Barrettes also clip onto your dog’s hair but are decorated with long, decorative pieces like rhinestones, ribbon or designs shaped out of plastic.

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