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Grooming Your Dog

April 11, 2011 -

You groom your dog so that he can look his best. He loves the way the brush feels going through his fur and it is something that brings the two of you closer together. Did you know that grooming your dog has benefits beyond just making him look good? Brushing your dog is also an excellent way to make sure that everything is okay with his health. If you come across patchy fur, tenderness or bumps these may all be signs that something is not quite right. If you find anything out of the ordinary you can contact your veterinarian to make sure that it isn't a more serious problem.

Setting up a grooming schedule that includes combing, brushing and nail trimming is the only way to make sure that your dog stays healthy and looking great. To learn more about dog grooming please check out the article Dog Grooming Tips.  PetSmart offers professional instore grooming services so that you can keep your dog on schedule in looking good.

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