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How Natural and Organic Foods Address Pets’ Unique Needs

October 24, 2011 -

Many Pet Parents are turning towards organic and natural food to enhance the health and well being of their feline and canine companions. Featuring pesticide free vegetables and nutrients, these foods are ideal for both healthy pets and those with the specific issues outlined here:

Food Sensitivities
Organic and natural foods are free of preservatives and chemicals and feature naturally grown vegetables and high grade meat similar to the food your pet would eat in the wild. Common signs of food sensitivities in dogs include itchy skin especially around the face, muzzle, feet, pads, ears, armpits and behind, hot spots, vomiting and diarrhea. Food allergies often develop in dogs after eating the same type or brand of food for long periods of time.

Organic and natural diets are commonly free of wheat, corn, soy and peanut hulls and instead feature high quality brown rice, barley, sunflower oil and vitamin E to aid in digestion. Food intolerance can be caused by a wider array of ingredients so again, consider a natural or organic food with a limited number of high-quality protein and carbohydrate sources.

Overweight pets have a higher risk of developing diseases and deteriorating health. The unprocessed meat and vegetables found in organic and natural foods may leave pets satisfied with smaller portions, leading to less waste and increased energy.

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