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How to Get Your Pets Ready for the Holidays

November 30, 2011 -

When preparing for the holidays, first comes the decorating, then the cleaning, then the cooking and organizing, and by the time your guests are spilling in, one thought suddenly pops in your mind, what about the pets? For this holiday season, be prepared for any surprise guests by replacing the first item on your to-do list with an appointment for a professional groom to have your dog looking and smelling his or her best. Here are a few grooming needs to take care of leading up to the holiday events.
Bathing is the number one necessity when getting your pet ready for the holidays. A deep cleaning oatmeal shampoo can soften and repair damaged skin as well as alleviate itching, while deodorizing shampoos can provide your dog with a little extra cleansing. To make sure your dog stands out among company, you can try a brightening shampoo to lighten/brighten his or her coat. 
With the stress and pressure of creating the perfect holiday party, cleaning up after a high-shed dog can overwhelm the most organized Pet Parents. To avoid fur balls littering your floor around the gifts, choose a deshedding grooming package from your PetSmart Grooming salon. PetSmart’s Furminator SHED-LESS Treatment uses specially formulated deshedding shampoos combined with thorough brushing to cut down on your dog’s shedding. You may also want to pick up a Furminator or other deshedding tool for at-home touch ups as a gift to yourself, your pets and your guests.
Nail Trimming/Ear Cleaning
The excitement of new people around can rile up any dog, causing them to jump up and accidentally scratch incoming guests. To prevent any unwelcome scratching incidents, bring your dog in to the groomer for a quick trim before your guests arrive. Follow up the trim with an ear cleaning to keep your dog’s ears clean and free of debris.
Teeth Brushing
Ensure your pet’s pearly whites are in top form for the yearly family holiday portrait with a teeth brushing. A professional scaling will help remove any plaque or tarter buildup as well as reduce the formation of bacteria. Deep cleaning along with fresh scented dog toothpaste can also deodorize/eliminate bad breath.
Get your pet looking great inside and out with some extra holiday flair from PetSmart’s Top Dog groom package. Your pet will be pampered with an oatmeal, brightening or low-shed shampoo, a deep conditioner, a teeth brushing and a breath deodorizer and will come home smelling like a sugar cookie scented and looking festive with a bandana or bow. 
Visit us in store or online for more information on PetSmart Grooming.

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