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You are here: myPetSmart.com > Community > Blogs > Jcardello > It Aint Easy Being Green Tips To Prevent Green Fur For Dog Swimmers

Tips to Prevent Green Fur for Dog Swimmers

August 2, 2011 -

As the barometer rises in the summer months some of the only outdoors activities you and your pets can enjoy together involve water, lots and lots of water. But if you don’t have access to large bodies of water and have to settle for a local pool, make sure you know what to do to prevent the chlorine from harming dog’s fur before he takes the plunge.

Chlorine isn’t a danger to your dog, but just like us, dogs can experience negative effects of overexposure to the bleaching chemical, leaving the skin dry and flaky and stripping the skin and coat of its naturally protective oils.  

Your dog’s skin is actually more sensitive than ours when it comes to pH levels. Because a dog’s skin pH is actually closer to neutral — unlike human skin, which is more on the acidic side — it has a lower tolerance for harsh, acidic chemicals like chlorine.

The effects of chlorine can vary by coat color:

Dark coats – dulling of color or bleaching
Light coats – bleaching or turning a hint of green

Ways to Protect Coat Damage

If you’re dog’s an avid pool swimmer try these simple methods to prevent against the after effects of chlorine exposure.

Before the Pool
Spray down your dog with water and a coat conditioner. Conditioners help create a protective barrier for both skin and coat to help prevent drying.

After the Pool
Rinse your dog’s coat thoroughly with pure, cool water. Make sure to rinse more than you think is enough to ensure you get all the chlorine and other chemicals out of the skin and coat. You can also use a conditioning spray.

Brush out and bath your dog on a weekly basis if he’s swimming regularly. Use a gentle dog shampoo and conditioner.

In extreme cases of green coloration in your dog’s coat, don’t try to dye or bleach the hair and don’t over-bathe, which can dry out the coat and skin even more. The green color will slowly fade over time.

If you’re concerned about chlorine exposure for your dog talk with one of our PetSmart groomers or store associates for more information.

Visit us in store or online to learn more about PetSmart Grooming.

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