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Keeping Your Cat Groomed

April 11, 2011 -

Your cat is a bit of a neat freak when it comes to grooming. He spends a lot of time cleaning his coat as well as tending to those areas on his head that only a lick dampened paw can reach. Though your cat does a pretty good job, he can’t do it all and needs a little help from you.

To keep your cat’s coat clean you need to lend a hand. Brushing will help your cat look and feel better and you can apply specially made lubricants to his fur that will prevent hairballs. If he has any pesky guests like fleas or ticks these need to be treated with shampoos or sprays (we recommend consulting with a veterinarian before doing this) or getting him a flea collar. If he smells less than pleasant, giving him a bath using shampoos formulated for a cat’s skin will resolve the problem. It is also important to make sure that his eyes and ears are cleansed, his teeth are brushed and his nails are clipped.  
A well groomed cat is a happy and healthy cat. To learn more about keeping your cat groomed please check out the article Grooming for Cats.


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