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Reduce Shedding with Diet

October 24, 2011 -

The joys of being a Pet Parent are many, but with every good reward comes a downside. For many cat and dog owners, this is shedding. The furrier the pet, the more piles of balled up hair you’re likely to discover around the house, and the cleanup is never-ending. However, there is a non-grooming related way to help cut down on shedding. Your pets eating habits play a significant role in how much shedding takes place in your house, and with just a simple diet change you can dramatically cut down on hair balls.

Feeding low-grade meats and grains accounts for a large number of shedding problems and flaky skin. This is often related to lower-quality dog foods that contain little protein and an overabundance of grains as fillers, such as corn, wheat and soy, which are difficult for most dogs and cats to digest.

The easiest fix is to switch your pet to high-quality scientifically formulated or natural pet food. They have proven to be a better source of nutrition and protein for dogs and cats. This is especially true for dogs who need a diet made up of at least 20 percent protein. Investing in a natural brand of dog or cat food will help ensure your pet is receiving all the nutrients and vitamins needed to keep your pet living long and happy.

To help transition pets to new food or for those Pet Parents with picky eaters you can add a teaspoon of fish, sunflower, canola, or flaxseed oil to help ease them into the transition. You can also purchase dietary supplements that have been specially formulated to reduce shedding as well as improve the quality of your pet’s coat.

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