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You are here: myPetSmart.com > Community > Blogs > Jcardello > Summer Safety Tips For Your Dog

Summer Safety Tips for Your Dog

July 22, 2011 -

Summer is a great time to get out and about with your pet. But keep in mind, the season's excessive heat and sun exposure can be dangerous, even deadly, to your pet. Keep your pet safe and healthy this summer with these safety tips from PetSmart experts:

Never leave your pet in a parked car. Studies show that on a hot day, the temperature inside a car can reach more than 160 degrees in five minutes. Leaving the windows open a crack for fresh air or parking in the shade, doesn't keep temperatures from soaring in record time, either. Leaving pets in the car "just for a minute" is never a good idea.

Groom regularly. The best way to keep a dog’s coat healthy and provide protection from the sun is to have him or her groomed regularly. In between visits to the groomer, the right grooming tool can dramatically reduce shedding by removing the undercoat and loose hair without sacrificing healthy top coat.

Provide skin protection. Just like humans, dogs can experience sunburn, and even skin cancer, too. To prevent sunburn, apply a sunscreen where hair is thin and skin lacks pigment (nose, ears and sensitive areas) every day your dog is outside.

Keep them hydrated. Dehydration and heatstroke can be fatal to pets, so access to clean water bowl both inside and outside is critical in the summertime. Products like an outdoor pet fountain provide a stream of fresh, clean water. And while you're on the go, be sure to bring water for your pet in a suitable drinking container.

Avoid hot surfaces. Dogs’ pads may seem tough, but sidewalks, pavement and sand can get so hot in the summer time that dogs’ feet can burn and blister. To prevent this, schedule walks for the morning or evening, when sidewalks are cooler or purchase protective boots designed just for dogs.

Provide outdoor relief. A grassy area in your yard is an ideal spot for pets to cool off because grass releases moisture and keeps your pet cooler than concrete, dirt or gravel. For added comfort, pets can lounge on a raised bed that increases the flow of cooler air underneath the bed mat to help your pet beat the heatA cooling bandana is a convenient way to keep your pet cool in the hot summer months. The bandana absorbs water to keep your pet cool for hours.

Just like humans, dogs benefit from eye protection, whether it’s from wind and debris or protection from UV light.

Keep water safety top of mind. Even if you consider your dog a good swimmer, a life jacket is very important if you take him with you on the boat or trips to the beach.

Visit us in store or online at PetSmart Grooming.

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