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You are here: myPetSmart.com > Community > Blogs > Jewels1968 > My New Mommy And Me

My New Mommy and Me

February 14, 2011 -


On Jan. 12,2010, I rescued a 6mth old, female, Brussels Griffon from the SPCA in Sanford,FL. I had been searching the newspapers every week for a dog I could afford and came up empty every time. My mom then suggested we rescue a dog. I went to site after site. Still, the adoption fees were too much for me to afford on my fixed income. I heard that the SPCA has reasonable adoption rates but they always had big dogs. I was looking for a smaller dog. I decided to look there anyway but had no expectations.

Much to my surprise, and divine intervention, my mom spotted a little puppy inside the first play area. We had no idea what breed she was but she was very cute....big,sparkling,soulful brown eyes and almost human facial expressions. When she spotted us peering in at her, she proceeded to run and jump and yip excitedly. I went inside and sat on the floor. She was so happy to see me and acted as though I was some long lost relative that she hadn't seen in years.

Needless to say, it was love at first sight for the both of us! After spending some time with her, I quickly sought out a volunteer and started filling out adoption papers. We were not allowed to take her home that day because the SPCA's policy is that all animals are spayed/neutered before they are allowed to go to their new home.

I could hardly get to sleep that night just thinking about my new best friend. The lady told me I could pick her up at 2:30pm and I counted down the hours. I was so excited that I arrived about 15 minutes early. We completed the adoption and paid the fee. Then, they brought her to me and I took her in my arms. She actually remembered me!

Upon arriving home, I let her down to check out her new surroundings. She wasn't very playful being that she was so sleepy from the anesthesia so we just let her relax. The next day, however, one would never guess that she just had surgery. She was up and alert...eyes sparkling and ready to play.

Her previous owner was physically disabled and could not meet the demands of her boundless puppy energy. She had surrendered her just one day before we found her. She was never trained so there are some behavior issues to work on. I am now socializing her at the local dog park and she is doing very well. In March, I will enroll her in obedience training classes at PetSmart. (Good thing the classes are guarenteed! She just might need to take the class twice!)

Her name is Lola and she is the light and love of my life. I will never be sorry that I decided to rescue a dog instead of going to a breeder. I'm glad I couldn't afford a breeder because I would have never found Lola. Not only did I gain a loving and loyal best friend, I saved a life.

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