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New Aquarium

December 31, 2010 -


I have a new 37 gal. Aquarium setup. I set up on Monday 27th added declorinated water and bacteria starter. It was recommended by PetSmart to add Bacteria starter on the 1st, 3rd, 5th and 7th day. I had a drastic water clarity change on the 3rd day and Petsmart recommended a 10% water change on the 4th day because Amonia was at .5.
It is the 5th day and the water is so cloudy, I'm afraid the six fish I have cannot see their food. PetSmart said this is caused from the bacteria blooming. Should I use a water clarifying additive or wait it out and let it clear on it's own. Water quality is in good range and I have six platys in the tank that seem to be doing well. Water temp. is at 76 degrees. I just don't like how cloudy the water is!! Anyone have this problem with a new setup?? Help!!

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