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To fish or not to fish

January 6, 2011 -

2011 arrives on a low note for me. In the wake of a wonderful Christmas, I had expected to spend my remaining vacation relaxing at home with my family, doing puzzles and working on personal projects. But days before the turn of the new year, my grandmother died, and suddenly I found myself completely alone, with my parents off to the east coast for the funeral, my brothers constantly gone, my computer rendered useless from the cold, and the internet completely dead.

In the silence and lull, cabin fever grips me, and I find myself looking back on the past, and for some reason, harboring a sudden and inexplicable desire to get fish.

I used to have fish as a child; well, my parents had fish. But I have a few factors working against me. For starters, fish tend to be high maintenance. I have no space to put a tank of any size in my room at home or my college living space, and I move back and forth too frequently between the two to make owning a pet a practical choice. and as a starving website maintainer, I haven't the funds to purchase, let alone upkeep, a fish tank with the quality I'd prefer to show.

But in a perfect world, with an unlimited monetary source and all the time in the world to take care of them, I think my perfect fish tank would be a 2.5 to 5 gallon desk tank, with pale or brown gravel adorned with river rocks, one or two small plastic plants and maybe one medium sized plant, a bubbling ornament, perhaps in the shape of a log or undersea ruin. And in this tank, I would keep schooling fish: an algae eater or two, and a little school of neon tetras or rasboru.

Thinking about it makes my heart ache, because I know I'll never see it for real. But a girl can dream lonely dreams.

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