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Cooler Weather Means Hyper Dogs

October 5, 2011 -

It’s that time of year again!  The weather is starting to get cooler and the dogs are starting to get hyper.  It’s not just my dog, right??

I love seeing how spunky Kyra gets when the weather cools off.  It makes me so happy to see my old dog bouncing around like a puppy!  However, I see how frustrated my students are that actually have puppies and have no idea what to do with all this energy.  So let’s talk about what to do as it cools off…

    •    Increase your dog’s exercise!  More exercise almost always helps.  This might mean that your walks get longer or more frequent.  Maybe it means that you add an extra game of fetch to your nightly routine.  You could always check out the local dog park or take your dog to Doggie Day Camp to burn off some energy.  If your dog isn’t a big fan of unknown dogs, you could always set up a play date with a dog friend!

    •    Polish up on your dog’s training.  If you’ve been slacking off on walking the dog because of the heat, chances are he’s lost some of his obedience skills.  You may need to do a few “refresher” sessions to remind him of his manners.  Remember to reward for the good behavior.  If you’ve gotten away from taking treats with you, you may need to bring them again for a few walks to reinforce the right behaviors.

    •    Teach him some new behaviors!  Nothing wears a dog out more than some mental stimulation.  If you only give him physical exercise then you’ll have a bored, physically fit dog!  Not a good combination.

    •    Find ways to include him in your daily activities.  Sometimes you don’t have to specifically exercise the dog or train the dog… you can just let the dog hang out with you.  For many dogs, spending the day keeping up with his “people” will wear him out!

So how do I plan to deal with Kyra’s rediscovered energy?

    •    Keep working on her doorbell training.  Now that it’s not too hot to leave the door open we should be able to practice much more.  Hopefully I’ll have the completed behavior done next time you hear from me!

    •    Take longer walks and explore longer trails.  When the weather cools off we usually move from park trails to off-road, nature trails.  She loves it and I enjoy spending time in nature and enjoying the beautiful weather.

    •    Add in another weekly play date with her best dog friend!

    •    Have her hang out with me while working in the yard, going to friend’s houses, running errands, etc.  Kyra’s car behavior is very good so I don’t mind leaving her in the car while I run into Starbucks or pick up something.  I always park close by so nobody steals my beloved pet, but it’s not too hot for her to stay in the car anymore.

    •    Find some new behaviors to train.  At ten years old, she knows most of the tricks in the book.  I’m always on the lookout for new ones, but if we can’t find any, then we’ll refresh old ones.  We can always stand to polish up.  I’m more lenient now that she’s older and some of our cues could use some practice.  Practice… with treats I mean.  She doesn’t work for free!

How do you plan to work with your dog’s extra energy as fall approaches??

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