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Party Animal

Bella, the wonderpug. Looks like she partied a little too hard...

December 23, 2010 -

 Kyra is going to a couple of Christmas parties with me this year (as she does most years), but I’m leaving her at home for New Year’s Eve.  In all truthfulness, I stay home with her on New Year’s Eve or have a family member stay with her.  She has attended a New Year’s Eve party with me in the past, and it went well, but that’s not a normal occurrence.  While Christmas and Thanksgiving can be fun for the pets, it’s pretty dangerous for most pets at New Years.  What with all the drinking, fireworks, yelling, and merry-making… it’s enough to drive a poor puppy crazy!  Here are some tips for surviving New Year’s with your dog:


  • Keep them safe.  First and foremost, you need to do the safe thing, which is not always the fun thing.  Our beloved pets are animals in the truest sense of the word and we cannot always predict their actions or reactions.
  • Make sure they are wearing ID and the information on it is current. It’s a good idea to make sure their vaccinations and city license are current as well.  If your neighborhood is anything like mine, you are likely to hear a random firework or two.  Many dogs are petrified at the mere thought of fireworks and will often run away to escape them.
  • Keep them securely contained.  As mentioned above, many dogs will try to escape if they hear fireworks so you’ll want to make sure they are inside a secure area (preferably indoors).  When the party gets in full swing and the drinking gets serious, it’s probably best to put your dog in another room or in their crate (tucked safely away in another room) so nobody accidentally lets the dog out, pesters the dog, falls on the dog, feeds the dog something harmful, etc.
  • Usual party manners apply.  Your dog should know sit, stay, leave it, come, and how to great people without jumping.  He should also be pretty social and not easily stressed.
  • Board them!  If you are throwing a party and you know it will be stressful and unsafe for your dog, you could always board them for the night.  Staying somewhere, like the PetsHotel, will ensure they aren’t exposed to fireworks, drunk guests, and open doors/gates.  This is also a good option if you are attending a party and don’t want to have to worry about your dog.


Hopefully these tips will help you and your dog make it through the party season safely.  Well I’m off to work on Kyra’s New Year’s Resolution list!!

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