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Buddy and Me!

March 8, 2011 -


Hi! My name is Tiffany,I am not a girly girly I am not boyish though. My friends are amazing! I am very thankful to have them don't know what I would do if I didn't have them! I L0VE animal especially GSD and Labs,I like all dogs through.I am getting Buddy prepared for Dock Dogs,bout to show dogs,go to the arena to ride my horse,and babysit, and who knows what else LOL! I luv txting...listening to music yada yada yada...I have 3 goldfish 1 gecko 1 turtle 1 dog and I just might get a Chinchilla but not quite there yet gotta raise them grades! I have a horse but he stays a t my Pepa's (grandpa). Buddy and me are very close he just turned 2. He is very powerful and He has 2 bandannas and getting more.I will upload some more photos of him soon!

Please keep clicking on my photoz!

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