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No Prejudice

February 19, 2011 -


One day I went to the park I was looking for my dog,(he is a American Pitbull Terrier).He usually runs to the park when he is looking for a fun time. I asked a lady who had a small child with her if she had seen a black dog running around, she said no. I looked around for a while and went to sit on the park bench. Who would of guessed my dog Roush came running up to me panting and licking me. The lady told me to leave the park, and I asked why. She answered "Because thats a pitbull and pitbulls hurt children". I asked her if she knew how many other breeds bite children. She left the park and reported me. I didn't get into trouble because the whole town knows what a friendly dog I have, and you can't report a dog who did nothing and get some body into trouble.

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05 Mar 2011 7:10 pm

kitty love said:

wow pitbulls are soooo cute and sweet my pitbulls get along with my kids just fine!

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